Demos from SVG/Open 2011 and sXBL examples

NB: To run the examples, you need to install the pagefire IE plugin availabale here for Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 or 9.

Our instrumented render timing demos shown at SVG/Open 2011 were built using 'sXBL' - a binding language that was being developed at W3C. You can find the specification here.

As the sXBL specification has been a working draft for a while, the sXBL functionality is exposed in the '' namespace.

A couple of sXBL examples from the specification illustrate the basic binding and templating functionality. For example, 'Hello World' shows a basic example of binding. The example flowchart shows a little bit more of what's possible.

Note, the current Pagefire plugin doesn't support <xbl:import> yet, nor is there any subtree selection mechanism for <xbl:content>.

Below are links to the raw SVG assets used in our demos, as well as links to the application content using sXBL. These are very basic examples, but show a draggable scroll-bar that was put together very quickly just to try the technology out. Note, the timing monitor doesn't seem to work when the content is loaded over http but we're working on a fix. If you want to experiment with the timing monitor view, please download the linked content to your PC and run the files locally. That works, and you should be able to edit the application files to point at your own content if you want to see timing information and experiment (change the 'src' target in the <view> and <mapping> elements).

Click on the text view to select a node, click and drag to move the text view content around. We plan to release another iteration of this tool just after it's demonstrated at Embedded Technology 2011 in Yokohama, Japan next month. Feel free to send feedback or come visit us at the show. Enjoy!

kaleidoscope timing UI
lamb timing UI
Mock TV UI